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Media Observatory

The Media Observatory at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada brought together academics, students and journalists interested in mass media in Canada. It provided a forum to discuss and analyze issues of mutual concern, and more particularly examines the roles, responsibilities and impact of media in Canada's policy processes.

The Observatory's main goal was to encourage the quantitative study of mass media content in Canada. Towards that end, the Observatory provided training in content analysis for graduate students, and gathered and disseminated data on media content. The resulting research, as well as raw data, is available here.

The Observatory was housed at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, and funded through the McGill-Max Bell Strategic Initiative, with additional funding from the Donner Canada Foundation. A number of students and academics were involved in the Observatory, including Antonai Maioni (past Director of MISC, and co-director of the Observatory), Blake Andrew, Stephen Farnsworth, Maialene Boutin-Wilkin, Lori Young, Marc Andre Bodet and Sheena Bell.

Media analyses of Canadian elections are now conducted alongside the Canadian Election Studies. Other media-related work, building on Media Observatory research, is available at and at

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