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Most course readings, notes and additional materials are available to enrolled students. Past syllabi are available here, for both current and past classes. Information on past graduate students is at the bottom of the page.

2017-18 Courses

Research Methods II – Methods for Research on Mass Media, COMM 783
Communication Studies, Graduate, Fall 2017. SYLLABUS (in pdf).

Feeling Political?: Affect, Emotion, and Personality in Political Communication, COMM 490
Communication Studies, Capstone, Winter 2018. SYLLABUS (in pdf).

Media and Democracy, COMM 328 / POLISCI 328
Communication Studies and Political Science (cross-listed), Winter 2018.

Other Past Courses

Communication and Political Representation, COMM 463
Communication Studies, Capstone, Fall 2016.

Entertainment and Politics: How Movies and TV Shape our Political Preferences, COMM 159
Communication Studies, First-Year Seminar, Winter 2017.

Content Analysis in the Social Sciences: From Manual to Automated Approaches.
Methods Short Course, University of Vienna, December 2016; UT Austin, January 2017. Most recent syllabus is available here; slides here.

Workshop on Psychophysiological Experiments in Political Communication (McGill, January 2015)
Resources: presentation, R scripts.

Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media I, Communication Studies 121, Michigan, Sept 2014.
- A more recent version of the course, portrayed in a big Prezi, and still under development, is available here.

Advanced Statistical Methods, Political Science 618, McGill, Jan 2014
- Additional materials for for this McGill Advanced Statistical Methods are available here here. These files include an Introduction to Stata as well as a file with an introduction to some equations and theory useful for an applied regression course:
Introduction to STATA
Advanced Statistical Methods Course Notes -> revised; see Comm 783 notes, above.

Media and Politics, Political Science 424, McGill, Jan 2014
- Lecture 2, on Innis & McLuhan, posted as an experiment on here.

Public Opinion and Public Policy, Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies 2012.

Honours Seminar: Political Representation in Canada, Political Science 521, McGill, Fall 2012/13

Modern Political Analysis, Political Science 616, McGill, 2008

Contemporary Politics in Western Europe, Political Science 357, McGill, 2005

PhD Students

I've had the good fortune of working with some terrific PhD students. In addition to our work together (listed on the Research page), see some of their own published work here:

Anthony Kevins. 2015. Political Actors, Public Opinion, and the Extension of Welfare Coverage: Benefits for the Unemployed in France, Italy, and Beyond. Journal of European Social Policy.

Blake Andrew. 2013. Political Journalism Represented by Headline News: Canadian Public and Commercial Media Compared. Canadian Journal of Political Science.

Kelly Blidook. 2012. Constituency Influence in Parliament Countering the Centre. UBC Press.

Andrea Lawlor. 2015. “Framing Immigration Policy in the Canadian and British News Media.” Canadian Journal of Political Science.

Marc Andre Bodet. 2011. Representation at the margins: The impact of governing parties on spending in Canada. Party Politics.